Winner of the Amnesty International Slovenia Award


Of Fathers and Sons

By: Talal Derki

Germany, Syria, Lebanon, 2017


Jury statement

A huge psycho-physical challenge, the making of this film required tremendous courage, as the filmmakers had to face inconceivably strenuous and volatile situations, and endure huge pressure, even at the cost of their own lives.


Without embellishment or any kind of cinematic tricks, the movie captures the stark reality of living in a radical Islamist family, scrutinising the mentality of a father and his sons, who – besides receiving fatherly love – unquestionably, in the name of religion, accept their own grim future, a militarily, politically and religiously determined destiny. 


The film engages in reflection on indoctrination and extremism, and draws parallels with many situations in present-day society. It raises several important social issues, primarily sending out a warning to all adults that the responsibility for this world is ours alone, that we must fully realise our obligations towards future generations.


Or, in the words of the director, Talal Derki, "If you want to tame your nightmares, you need to capture them first." 



Special Mention


Stranger in Paradise

By Guido Hendrikx

The Netherlands, 2016


Jury statement

Special Mention goes to Stranger in Paradise, a movie whose penetrating and sensitive gaze – exposing the whole unvarnished truth, – probes into the procedure, or, part of the process of applying for asylum. With its potent narrative thrust, the film is quick to engage the viewers, and, moreover, in faithfully delineating the asylum process, has the special power to enhance public awareness about migrant issues and human rights. 




Photo Iztok Dimc