A House Made of Splinters
A House Made of Splinters
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In this war-worn and impoverished corner of eastern Ukraine where addiction casts a long shadow, there sits a safe haven for children temporarily removed from their parents. A House Made of Splinters follows three kids awaiting their fate— will they go back or move on to a new home while a group of dedicated social workers create small moments of joy and respite from childhoods all but lost.

“What actually made it super interesting for me was to be there in the time between the prearranged things that the kids had to do every day because that’s usually where the kids can lead their own lives and become friends or fight or start to fall in love or play or dance and make music or tell ghost stories. That’s one of the very special periods of the day where they actually had time for themselves.” (Simon Lereng Wilmont)

Directed by: Simon Lereng Wilmont
Country, year: Ukraine, Denmark, Sweden, 2022
Length: 87
Subtitles: English, slovenian
Language: Ukrainian, Russian

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