Bella Ciao - Per la liberta
Bella Ciao - Per la liberta
Bella Ciao - Za svobodo
From the hymn of the partisans to the fight song of the new generations around the world, and a hit of the most famous international artists. Almost a century after its birth, the power of Bella Ciao does not stop. The film recounts the mysteries, genesis and history of the Resistance song, which reappears wherever somebody fights against injustice.

“What is it that makes a song? The tune and, without a doubt, the lyrics, and when we’re talking about partisans, lyrics are important. But which lyrics? There were many different factors involved in the birth of Bella Ciao, and that’s what helps it to remain so alive today. Countless seeds have given rise to a plant which now has many new leaves, which represent the different versions of Bella Ciao around the world.” (Giulia Giapponesi)
Directed by: Giulia Giapponesi
Country, year: Italy, 2022
Length: 93
Subtitles: English, slovenian
Language: Italian, Arabic, English, Spanish

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