Matter Out of Place
Matter Out of Place
Smeti naše vsakdanje
Waste on the shores, waste on the mountains. On ocean floors and deep down in the earth. Matter Out of Place is a film about rubbish, which has spread across the world, to the most remote corners of the planet. Nikolaus Geyrhalter follows the traces of our rubbish across the planet and sheds light on the endless struggle of people to gain control over the vast quantities of waste.

“We took the expression from Burning Man, a festival in the Nevada Desert where we also filmed. Everything that is left there after the festival – not just garbage but everything that is not 'native to the environment' and was not there before – is described as matter out of place. Everything that people have brought, that doesn’t belong there and has to be removed again. This is the origin of the term mooping, the meticulous cleaning after the event. I think it is a beautiful description that carries the thought further, beyond the concrete concept of garbage, to encompass everything that would not be there or would not be changed without us. We humans have created a gigantic amount of matter out of place.” (Nikolaus Geyrhalter)

TUE, 14 March
Q&A after the screening of Matter Out of Place
Featured guest: Jaka Kranjc, lead expert at Ecologists Without Borders, over the last decade focusing on waste prevention, improving waste management and reducing pollution at the national, municipal, corporate and individual levels.
Hosted by: Maja Prijatelj Videmšek, long-time journalist for the Delo daily focusing on the issues of environment, nature protection and food production, as well as the future of agriculture.
Free entry to post-screening Q&As
Directed by: Nikolaus Geyrhalter
Country, year: Austria, 2022
Length: 100
Subtitles: English, slovenian
Language: German, English, Albanian

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