Innocence tackles the issue of militarization and its impact on the lives of young Israeli people who are forced to serve against their own identity and values. Through a narration based on the haunting diaries of soldiers who died in uniform and rare home video they left behind, the film depicts their inner turmoil.

"Nothing touches me more than a child's sensitivity when they discover the world, and nothing hurts me more than seeing it getting crushed. Israel is not a place that values innocence. Its militarized identity requires the breaking down and distorting of the gentle lines of childhood. This commitment to violence has many victims, but there's also a hidden tragedy - the collapse of parenthood. Every war relies on parents' betrayal of their children. But in a militarized society, even the most free-spirited parents are bound to fail to protect the spirit of their children." (Guy Davidi)
Directed by: Guy Davidi
Country, year: Israel, Iceland, Denmark, Finland, 2022
Length: 100
Subtitles: English, slovenian
Language: hebrew

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