Darwin's Nightmare
Darwin's Nightmare
Darwinova nočna mora
The Nile perch, once artificially introduced into Lake Victoria, caused an ecological disaster, but its tender fillets are successfully exported all around the world. Ex-Soviet cargo planes come daily to collect the latest catch, in exchange for their southbound cargo: ammunitions for the uncounted wars in the dark centre of the continent.

“Darwin’s Nightmare and We Come as Friends are very conceptual films. People may think it is just this guy who travels with a camera and just switches it on when things happen. But lot of what is shown is premeditated – in the sense that I knew from many years of experience that if I find myself in a radio studio with a corrupt politician, he is going to say something that is going to be great for the film. This is because whatever he says is like shooting himself in the foot, given that he is a part of this sinister, crazy and betraying system, which I am trying to describe.” (Hubert Sauper)

Directed by: Hubert Sauper
Country, year: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, 2004
Length: 107
Subtitles: Slovenian
Language: English, Russian, Swahili

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