The Happy Worker
The Happy Worker
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Stressed? Burnt out? You’re not alone! With black humour and biting irony, we get the incredible story of how modern working life became its own worst enemy – and what we can do to change it. Endless meetings and colourful Post-It notes with empty marketing phrases have hijacked meaningful work. How did we get there?

“The idea for the documentary took hold several years ago at a time when my wife was working for Nokia, from the glory days through the acquisition by Microsoft. I saw first-hand what can happen with bad management. I saw this wonderful, dedicated, highly skilled group of people then just sort of scatter… and then the whole Nokia thing was such a big tragedy for Finland.” (John Webster)

THU, 16 March
Q&A after the Screening of The Happy Worker
Featured guest: Dr Jana Javornik, professor and research fellow at the universities of Leeds, Stockholm and Utrecht and the Slovenian Institute of Contemporary History; (co)author of various scientific publications, (co)editor of scientific journals and books and a member of different interdisciplinary research and expert groups and councils, as well as civil society organisations.
Free entry to post-screening Q&As
Directed by: John Webster
Country, year: Finland, 2022
Length: 82
Subtitles: Slovenian
Language: English

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