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Additional explanations and help with the purchase

E [email protected] 
P +386 1 2417 147 (general information on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

VOD: User Support (11.00 – 21.00)

M +386 31 682 537

Festival Director
Simon Popek
P+386 1  2417 150
M +386 41 669 559
E [email protected] 
Project Manager
Brane Kodrin
P +386 1 2417 167 
M +386 41 328 246
E [email protected]
Head of Marketing and Public Relations
Saša Globačnik
P +386 1 2417 127
M +386 41 645 073
E [email protected]
Festival Promotion and Marketing Manager
Janina Pintar
P +386 1 2417 146
M +386 41 617 732
E [email protected]
Zvezdana Lazar 
T +386 1 2417 170
E [email protected]
Box Office Manager
Andreja Šteblaj
T +386 1 2417 320 
E [email protected]
Publications Editor
Damjana Kenda Hussu 
E [email protected]
Designer of Graphic Identity and Printed Materials
Edin Alibešter
E [email protected] 
Website Development
Domen Novak
E [email protected]
Website Editor

Tadeja Drolc
P +386 1 2417 194
E [email protected]

Social Media
Julija Mišič
E [email protected]
Head of Protocol and Coordination of Moderators
Ivana Vulanovič
E [email protected]

Lara Zupan
E [email protected]

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